Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wedding Cinematography Reel: Summer 2012

Tonight we come to you with a big update!  The long awaited Summer 2012 wedding reel is finally here in high definition for your viewing pleasure.  More info after the break.  But first, enjoy!

This reel is a compilation of six weddings I've filmed since buying my first HD camera last October, including five between February and April 2012.  Huge thanks goes out to all the brides and grooms who chose me to capture their wedding day.  I couldn't have done it without you!  I'm now booking weddings in 2012 and beyond. 

Everything here was filmed with a Panasonic HMC-150.  

Thanks so much for taking the time to watch.  I hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Handy Andy - Another Short Film

Handy Andy is the closest thing I'll ever have to a thesis film.  It was filmed midway though my junior year at UM, then edited little by little over the next 15 months, and finally completed at the end of April 2012.  I have a lot more to say about it, but first I would love for you to watch it.  So here's Handy Andy.  Enjoy!

The title, and partly the story for Handy Andy were inspired by my friend Jon Scott's father.  One day when I was spending time at Jon's house during my junior year in high school, his father came in the living room and said "You know what they'd call you in the navy?  Handy Andy!" then quickly exited the house.  Though pretty random, it's something that stuck with me.

The story for Handy Andy was also partly inspired by another student film at UM a couple of years earlier titled Out of My Head.  The themes in the films are similar, but the end results are radically different.

Handy Andy was directed by my great friend Jorge Chediak.  I felt he did an excellent job directing the film, and he added some of his own touch with bold, bright colors, extreme close-ups, and acting as The Devil.  

Another great friend of mine, James Clinard, helped out with sound design.  Without James, Handy Andy would probably still be in the editing room.  I'm extremely grateful he was able to help.

I call Handy Andy the closest thing I have to a thesis film for a few reasons.  First, because it's the longest film I made during my junior and senior years.  Second, because I was so invested in the film and filled every position I humanly could; writer, director of photography, editor, and sound designer.  I had a hand on the film from start to finish.  And finally, because in making Handy Andy, I employed my own custom made 35mm lens adapter.  Although it ended up being more trouble than it may have been worth, designing, building, and using the lens adapter was a tremendous learning experience.  Big thanks to my Dad for helping me build such a great piece of equipment.

Handy Andy could not have been possible without the countless (literally, I don't even know how many) hours that the cast and crew put into this film.  Thank you all so much for your time and dedication; I hope you all came away satisfied with the end product.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Call - A Short Film

Two years ago, back in 2010, I traveled to Europe for the Summer and studied film abroad in Prague, Czech Republic.  It was the trip of a lifetime, complete with great food, fun people, and of course, film making.  As a part of the study abroad program, we made this film titled "The Call."  We screened at the University of Miami's Canes Film Festival this past month, and now are proud to bring it to you via the internet.  Enjoy!

More details about it after the break.

The Call was conceived on a bus by Jorge Chediak, Jeremy Ladson, and myself on one of our many excursions in eastern Europe.  Faced with the task of making a short ~5 minute film, we struggled before deciding to keep it simple, and finally settled on the idea of a businessman having his phone stolen.  The businessman soon changed to a tourist, and then ultimately to just a man in a city; reason being the film is not about the man, but his quest to retrieve his stolen phone.

We filmed for 12 hours on one day all over Prague, from sunrise to sunset.  It was a blistering summer day; all the sweat on the actors' faces is very real!  The original edit was also done in a day and screened before a number of students and faculty.  Upon returning to the US, the film was re-edited from scratch.

It now features:

Sound Design by James Clinard

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Ringtone Music by Lady Gaga

The Call was directed and edited by my good friend Jorge Chediak.  It is the first of a number of productions we've collaborated on.

I truly appreciate everyone who helped make this film come to life.  It couldn't have happened without you!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Supp Dog Promo - Terence Ong: CEO

Check out this comedy sketch we made recently to promote Supp Dog, a new website!  Supp Dog is a business venture of Terence Ong, a University of Miami student and entrepreneur.  The concept of his website is to sell products at discounted prices, and advertise for these products through content creators online.  If a content creator includes an item for sale on Supp Dog in his or her video, he or she can include a link to that product underneath the video.  If a purchase is made after clicking that link, the content creator gets a commission.  It's a great way for both content creators like us to make money and for consumers to find great deals on the products they want!

The video is very tongue in cheek in that it acts like a normal video online, but features Terence himself, and introduces us to the idea of Supp Dog.  Enjoy!

You can find out more and check out Supp Dog at:  www.suppdog.com

The sound for this project was recorded by my roommate James Clinard.

The music for this project was provided royalty free by Kevin MacLeod.
Check out his website for a whole bunch of great tracks!
His website:  www.incompetech.com

Special thanks goes out to one of Terence's friends, Morgan Freeman (yes, this is his name) for 
acting in this video.  Thanks Morgan!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chip's Song by Cru at University of Miami

New music video!  Here's Chip's Song by Cru at University of Miami.  Cru is the nickname for Campus Crusade for Christ.  They're a Christian organization on campus.  Chip, the leader of Cru at UM, will be leaving after this semester.  Andrew McCormick came to me with the idea of making a music video and song dedicated to him.

My roomate James took care of the audio, and I worked on the video.  From start to finish, the
 project was completed in just 5 days.  All filming and editing in just 24 hours!  

If you're interested, there's a second version with Chip's reaction as he watches the video for the first time.  
Here's a link to that version:  http://youtu.be/NpucfDPTJJY

The original song that this is set to is called White Flag by Chris Tomlin.
Here's a link to a live recording of the song:  http://youtu.be/e1jgD69WzMY

  We couldn't find a studio version to use the music from, so we found an acoustic cover by AMB Worship.  
Here's a link to their cover:  http://youtu.be/aYfkDidbtI0

All audio recording, mixing, and editing was done by my roommate James Clinard.

Special thanks to everyone in Cru that came out and sang the song.  You guys rock!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

World Kindness Tour ~ Kemy Joseph AKA Mr. U R Awesome

Here's a video I made a few months ago with one of my friends, Kemy.  Don't know why I never got around to posting it!

Kemy is currently on a World Kindness Tour.  He is travelling around the world spreading kindness wherever he goes!  Check out some more information at www.genuinekindnesstour.com.

You can also find out more information about Kemy's organization, U R Awesome, Inc, at www.URAwesome.org.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Andrew McCormick Senior Recital - March 27th, 2012

Here's a video I did last week for my friend Andrew McCormick.  It's his senior recital at UM on Trumpet.  He plays extremely well, check it out!